June 2021

All is Forgiven Demo posted on Bandcamp

A few years ago (2017,18?), I decided to write some 60’s inspired garage rock songs so after sketching out about 4-5 riffs, I asked the boys over to the house to cut some demos on my trusty old Yamaha 4 track cassette recorder. I’m pretty sure Kristen made enchiladas for the all of us afterwards but I digress…Like most of the songs that I write, nothing comes of them because eventually, I lose interest or life just gets in the way so about half of my demos and songs are lost to history. Well, that’s exactly what would of happened to this song if not for the pandemic so who says nothing good has come out of these past 14 months ha! Listening back to All is Forgiven, its lo-fi but not too shabby and I think that it would of been fun to play live. Sadly. it appears that I lost or taped over the other 3 or 4 songs from this session so I’m hoping that someone in the band remembers how they went because I know I lost those brain cells many moons ago!


Regardless, I hope you enjoy this lo-fi rocker and if so, I’ll try to keep finding more crap in my basement and attic