Widows 20 Year Anniversary-Remastered Vinyl LP Release Party!

The original Fernando Band consisting of Marilee Hord, Dan Eccles, Clayton Jones, Joe Chiusano and Fernando Viciconte released their American-Gothic Classic “Widows” in 1997 to overwhelming critical and popular acclaim. Their passionate and explosive live performances soon made them one of Portland’s most exciting live bands. This original line up is reuniting for the first time in 18 years to celebrate the 20th Year Anniversary of their landmark record. The Band will also be celebrating the first pressing and release of “Widows” on Vinyl by performing the entire record in sequence! The band has recruited their longtime friends, also recently reunited, The Old Joe Clarks (featuring members of M.Ward and Tin Hat Trio) as main support for this show! This performance will be a one-time only event that you will not want to miss so we highly recommend that you secure your tickets asap!


Fernando Band Circa 1997

“Fernando Viciconte is a true believer. Like Hank Sr., Springsteen, David Hidalgo and his other heroes, he sees a bleak world out there but clings to the romantic notion that letting it out in the passion of song can ease the pain, redeem the soul or at least help make a little sense of it all.” Dim Desmond, No Depression Magazine (1997)

Fernando releases new record in US

Domingo Records is proud to announce the release of Fernando’s newest CD “Save Me (US Edition). The record was previously only available during Fernando’s last European tour with Mark Eitzel or via Decor Records.  Download the entire 7 song digital album via Domingo Record’s Bandcamp page now for only $7. The record features songs in both English and Spanish and features performances by Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, members of Eels, M. Ward ,Richmond Fontaine, and The Delines. Physical copies of CD are available through Decor Records. Download record HERE

Music of the Revolution-Immigrants Rights Benefit Vol. 2

Fernando, Trujillo and a Special Guest (TBA soon) will be performing a benefit show to raise money to protect undocumented members of our community. Cover charge will be a $10 to $20 sliding scale and will take place at The Laurelthirst on July 28th.  No advance tickets, Tickets will be sold at door.  21 and over.

Music for the Revolution/Immigrant Rights Benefit

Fernando will be playing a solo opening set at 7pm for Music of the Revolution which is a benefit show to support the safety and stability of undocumented populations in our community. $20 cover charge at Portland Cider Company in Clackamas. 8925 SE Jansen Rd. Bldg F. (more…)

Save Me Picked as Vimeo Staff Video Pick of the Day

Fernando’s video for the song Save Me was selected as Staff pick of the Day by Vimeo. The video was produced by Oriol Puig and Trizz out of Barcelona, Spain. Check it out here

Listen to new Fernando Song from his Limited Edition Save Me CD

Cielo sin Color is track two of Fernando’s newest release Save Me which was sold exclusively on his recent EU tour with Mark Eitzel. The song features great performances by members of Richmond Fontaine, Eels, Portland Cello Project, Golden Delicious and Gern Blanston!  Only 60 signed limited-edition copies remain and will be sold tomorrow April 1st at his performance at the Laurelthirst in Portland, Oregon. Only one CD will be sold per person on first come/first serve basis. If you can not attend the show, you may order a copy (while they last) from in the UK.



New Fernando Song to appear on American Leather Records Portland Compilation!

The Portland Edition is a compilation put together by Jerry A of the longstanding group POISON IDEA (1980-2016)! Each group was handpicked by Jerry A and defines the musician landscape of the Portland music and art scene. All tracks are exclusive to this albumn and come on Portland grey vinyl. All orders come with an American Leather sticker. Pre-Order Record Here! Records will ship approximately the 2nd week of April 2017.

Dr Amazon
Daniel Menche
Toxic Holocaust
Poison Idea
Midnight (pdx)
Jenny Don’t and The Spurs
Rene Denfeld
Richard Meltzer
the Pynnacles
Top Down
Sam Coomes

KCLR in Kilkenny Ireland debuts Cielo Sin Color

Martin Bridgeman debuts Fernando’s new song Cielo Sin Color on KCLR in Kilkenny, Ireland. This song appears on a limited edition CD that Fernando was selling during his Mark Eitzel tour. Remaining 65 copies of this CD have been signed by Fernando and will be sold at his homecoming show at The Laurelthirst in Portland on April 1st 2017. Listen hear

English Translations for Limited Edition Save Me CD

Cielo Sin Color (Sky without Color) Track 2 from Save Me CD


I always believed in you

you must be faithful, you have to believe

Reality can not return

Everything has changed, I am not me.

There are so many memories in this beautiful world

Now, I’m alone with my thoughts, thinking only of you…Ballerina.

Change, Light, Fear, Goodbye.

You will never  see.

It’s always the moon who begins to sing!

Look at me girl, I can fly!

It’s always the moon who begins to sing!

Look at me girl, I can fly!

Every day I lose color, black and white I become

Every day I lose color, black and white I become

Every day that I want love, this is the sky without color

Every day that I want love, this is the sky without color

Oh God, Oh God, Goodbye!

Oh God, God, God, God.


Fuerza Sin Querer (Unintentional Force) Track 4 Save Me CD


I saw three ballerinas dancing inside the Sun

Two were burned and only one returned

She returned to remind me of her loneliness

She returned to take, not to give!

My hands are cold, I can’t touch you

I am a ghost that no one can hear

God, forgive me for what I’m about to do

Caresses of the sun, unintentional force


I don’t believe in anyone, only you
All my patience, now is through

I am the nightmare, little blue room, a trickle of blood

Sky without Color


This day is the body and blood of Christ

The holes in his hands a punishment of the people

This day is the beginning of the changes

This day is the body and blood of Christ

The holes in his hands a punishment of the people


Animal (Animal) Track 6 from Save Me CD


I don’t know if it was destiny that brought me here

In this small town, we don’t think that way

Every thing that happens comes from the hand of God

Happiness and punishment obey his voice

Animal, Animal, Animal

Animal, Animal, Animal

The Sky was black like his heart

The first victim, we found her on route 2

Naked and bloody like a piglet

(it’s obvious) This killer likes pain

Animal, Animal, Animal

Animal, Animal, Animal

(Kill him!)

In three months, we buried five more

As the chief of police, I had to find him

with little evidence, I entered into his home

God told me that I could murder him!

Animal, Animal, Animal!

Animal, Animal, Animal!

Animal, Animal, Animal!

Animal, Animal, Animal!

Kill Him!

Kill Him!


El Padre, El Hijo y mi Nena ( The father, the son and my girl) Track 7 Save Me CD


The light was turned off and I was left alone, alone thinking of you.

Your smile and love, life without pain, that’s the past for me

Oh… The Father, the Son and my Girl

Oh..The Father, The Son and my Girl

A white tomb, paper birds, old love songs

The cold dirt and beautiful flowers are blankets for you.

oh… The Father, the Son and my Girl

Oh..The Father, The Son and my Girl


oh… The Father, the Son and my Girl

Larry Crane ( Tape Op, Jackpot!) Love!

Larry Crane, famed producer ( Elliott Smith, Sleater Kinney), Editor of Tape Op Magazine and owner of Portland’s legendary Jackpot Studio recently celebrated Jackpot’s 30 year Anniversary. The Portland Mercury reported that  “One of Crane’s favorite albums cut at Jackpot! is Fernando Viciconte’s extremely underrated Old Man Motel—a power-pop pièce de résistance ripe for rediscovery.” Read Entire Article Here